To succeed is to recognize our own special unique gifts

What makes us so special and unique is more than just a set fingerprints or DNA. Our uniqueness is made up of gifts and talents that define who we are on this planet. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, we are like no one else. This is why there has been only one Beethoven, one Michelangelo, one Gandhi, one Robin Williams, and why there will only be one you.

Our potential is a paradox that makes us at the same time both a part of the human race and unique within that family. We are united by having special gifts, talents, life callings, and dreams of an extraordinary life. Yet we are unique in that each of our gifts, talents, life callings, and dreams are different.

When we take a close look at that one gift or talent we will notice that everyone has something they excel at. In fact, it is likely you have more than a few skills, maybe 5-10 you excel at. If you can sing, calculate complex equations, or know which direction is north better than 100 random individuals your gift puts you in the top 1% of the population. If we start to calculate the odds as you add more of your gifts and talents to the equation, your combination of 5 to 10 skills means you are one in billions who are likely to have that same combination.

These odds begin to make you a very unique expression within this universe. By acknowledging our uniqueness, and understanding that only you have the gifts, talents, and potential to excel and define your destiny in life, we begin to comprehend that no one else is uniquely qualified to be just like you.

In our own uniqueness we begin to see the value in everyone. We begin to build on the contributions each of us brings into the world. We realize we can learn something from each and every person we meet, never underestimating anyone’s individual innate gifts, because each has something to teach us.

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